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3v3 Live is looking for Clubs/Organizations to host a 3v3 Live Soccer Tournament

By staff, 01/01/15, 1:20PM MST


Want a great fund-raiser and fun event? Host a 3v3 Live Tournament in your city!

Salt Lake City, Utah -

“After a record number of 3v3 Live Soccer tournaments in 2009, we are ready for more." said a member of the 3v3 Live team. "We are looking for quality organizations, who would like to "host" a 3v3 Live tournament in their city." they continue. "3v3 Live soccer tournaments provide our "host" club/organization an opportunity to showcase their group, raise much-needed funds, and provide families a great day of soccer."

How does my club/organizationbegin the process of "hosting" a 3v3 Live soccer tournament? Please answer the following questions and send the answers to: and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

1. Do you have access to fields? How much if anything would the rental be?
2. Do you have a date in mind to run the tournament?
3. Are you affiliated with a club - which one? Will they support the 3 v 3 Live tournament in your area?
4. How would you and your group market the tournament locally to insure the success?
5. What is your motivation for wanting to bring 3 v 3 Live to your area?

6 Our Host must commit to a $500 deposit to be paid before your event is added to our schedule. The deposit will be refunded to Host based on a 50 team minimum event. This is for the first year only – Successive years will not require a deposit

7. 3v3 Live will contribute $20-30 per paid team to Host depending on turnout – Host keeps all concessions, and local sponsorship sales.

We are always looking for more quality organizations to work with - Please respond with the answers to the above questions to: and a representative will send a formal proposal tailored for your specific location and situation -