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MO area Tour dates

If you like 3v3 Live Soccer chances are so will  your friends. Please share your area Tour dates! 

Upcoming Tournaments

June 23rd - Sikeston, MO

Sikeston Sports Complex

June 29th - Cape Girardeau

Under the lights!

July 13th - Kansas City, MO

Tiffany Hills Park

July 20 St Louis MO Under the STARS

Over 150 teams last year Sign up today.

Previous Tournaments

3v3 Live National Championship - Palm Beach Gardens, FL (November 28th & 29th)

  • Teams that finish the season ranked in the top 25 of their division nationally will receive invitations to the 3v3 Live National Championship in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!! 
  • Play for FREE- teams who win their division at  Regionals will receive FREE entry into the National Championship!
  • Do you have what it takes? This is  THE most competitive 3v3 National Championship in the World. 
  • Play the best teams from across the country! 

See where your team ranks:

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