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Skill Level

“Chronological age is a poor guide to segregate adolescents for competitions.” – US Soccer. 

The GOLD division is for those teams who consider themselves to be in the top 50% of teams in their age group.   

The SILVER division is for teams who consider themselves still developing and unable to compete with the top half of teams in their age group.  (If your team is made up of players from multiple birth years you should consider signing up as silver)

In an effort to create more competitive brackets and a more competitive playing experience for teams that come to our tournaments, 3v3 Live takes registration based on both chronological age and competitive level (gold/silver) of teams. 

Rather than our base bracket consisting of players of the same age, we will start the grouping process by automatically placing teams that sign up as “gold” teams with the “silver” teams that are one year older.

Example - "2003 gold" teams will be placed with "2002 silver" teams.  

By starting at this base level we will be giving both gold teams and silver teams a more competitive and enjoyable experience.

GOLD teams WILL NOT automatically be required to "play up" with older SILVER teams at our Regional Championships or National Championship.  

Age Groups

3v3 Live Soccer tournaments accept male and female teams ages 6 to adult.  3v3 Live uses Calendar Year age divisions.  Teams should register based upon the birth year of their oldest player. High School division should be chosen for teams ages 16 - 18 and Adult divisions for teams with players 19 and above. Co-ed teams are accepted in 3v3 Live but may have to play in the all-male age division

Example: if the oldest player on your team was born on 9/1/2000,  the team would register for the "2000" division.