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3v3 Live Soccer is YOUR road to DISNEY!!!

Come play against the best at the 3v3 World Championship!!!

Teams that participate in any 3v3 Live Local event qualify for the OPEN division at the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando FL Jan 16-19, 2016 -- Teams must play and finish in the top 6 in your age group at a 3v3 LIVE Regional Championship to qualify for the ELITE division at the Disney 3v3 Soccer World Championships


How To Register

  • Choose A Date and City from the Tournament List on the Left Side of Your Screen or Click on the State your tournament will be played in
  • Click Register Now
  • Input Team Info
  • See you at the Field!

3v3 Live National Soccer Tour will run over 125 tournaments in the USA and CANADA Click on your State below to see the date and location of your tournament

Gold and Silver Divisions

3 v 3 Live will be featuring TWO options per age group to choose from to help us group your team in the most competitive division as possible. The GOLD division is for those teams who consider them self TOP competitive/travel/academy/D1 and D2 teams. The SILVER division is for all other teams.

If their aren't enough teams in certain divisions to keep separated our policy will be to combine one year older SILVER teams with one year younger GOLD teams. All of this information is used by the tournament director to create the most competitive division possible.

Join 3v3 Live as we go to the Disney 3v3 Soccer World Championships

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