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3v3 Live National Soccer Tour

    Sponsored by Whats your RANK? Are you in?

    Whats your RANK? Are you in?

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    3v3 Live is excited to announce Team Rankings starting in 2016.

    Only the top 25 teams in the Nation will qualify for the New 3v3 Live National Championship.  ARE YOU IN???

    Click here to go to rankings page


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    Sponsored by 5v5 USA SOCCER SHOOTOUT


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    Can't get enough small sided soccer? Try 5v5! Be sure to check out our sister tour, the 5v5 USA Soccer Shootout, for more fast paced, small sided fun! 

    3v3 Live National Soccer Tour

    Come play in the best 3v3 Soccer tournaments in the nation! We have tournaments in nearly every state. Check the schedullink to find out when we will be in your area.


    Sponsored by Bow Net - Official Goal of 3v3 Live

    Bow Net - Official Goal of 3v3 Live

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    With more than 140 successful soccer tournaments each year, 3v3 Live has our choice of any using any goal manufacturer and we choose BOWNET - The best - By participating in 3v3 Live Soccer, you can purchase your own set at a steeply discounted price - click on the website and you can own the best goals around.

    Sponsored by Protexted- The drive safe app

    Protexted- The drive safe app

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    Protexted is an Android app, designed to make driving safer for us all. The app is activated by your phone's GPS, and blocks all incoming text messages, phone calls, emails and more, plus it will send an automated response message when you receive a text while you are driving to let friends and family know you are unavailable to respond until you reach your destination. Protect your loved ones with this life saving App.

    Sponsored by Port-A-Field Field Lining System

    Port-A-Field Field Lining System

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    PORT-A-FIELD is a “soccer field on a reel” that is portable, durable, easy to setup.  Pull tight straight lines and anchor at each corner to create a perfectly lined soccer field specific to your dimensions.  The field lines are made of a weatherproof polymer material that is lightweight and compact, yet engineered to last for years.  When done, simply reel up your soccer field in minutes and store it until you need it again. Easy to setup, easy to take down, and easy to store….the perfect portable soccer field lining system.

    Sponsored by Join the 3 v 3 Live YouTube channel TODAY!

    Join the 3 v 3 Live YouTube channel TODAY!

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