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3v3 Live Soccer Tour Your Road to the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships

    Find a 3v3 Live Soccer Tournament Near You -- Click on the state below

    3v3 Live National Soccer Tour

    Come play in the best 3v3 Soccer tournaments in the nation! We have tournaments in nearly every state. Check the schedullink to find out when we will be in your area.


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    Sponsored by Port a Field is the newest 3v3 Live National Sponsor

    Port a Field is the newest 3v3 Live National Sponsor

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    PORT-A-FIELD is a “soccer field on a reel” that is portable, durable, easy to setup.  Pull tight straight lines and anchor at each corner to create a perfectly lined soccer field specific to your dimensions.  The field lines are made of a weatherproof polymer material that is lightweight and compact, yet engineered to last for years.  When done, simply reel up your soccer field in minutes and store it until you need it again. Easy to setup, easy to take down, and easy to store….the perfect portable soccer field lining system.